Primi Piatti, Pasta and Risotti

Together we can make homemade pasta, ravioli, tortellini, gnocchi, lasagna, red sauce, white sauce, seafood sauce, meat or vegetarian sauce, quick recipes and more!!! We eat pasta every day, for every occasion.  It can be the finest dinner or a picnic, but we still eat pasta!! Not to mention rice or better yet risotto 😉

I’m actually a big fan of risotto. This is the first thing I ever tried to cook; rice has always been my favorite food of all.

Risotto and pasta can be made with any ingredient. Tell me what you like and we will make the best pasta or risotto, without forgetting the classic recipes that we all know and love!


Tagliatelle ai frutti di mare. Seafood Tagliatelle.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara


Risotto ai frutti di mare. Seafood Risotto.


Gnocchi al ragù. Bolognese ragù gnocchi.

Risotto asparagi e zafferano, asparagus and saffron risotto

Lasagne classiche di carne. Classic meat lasagne.