About Speak, Eat and Love ITALIA

Speak, Eat and Love Italia is my connection with people who love Italy, the Italian language, food and culture. Through Speak, Eat and Love Italia I will share all I know and love about my country of origin.

About Giulia


Photo by Stepanka Pavlicova

Ciao, I’m Giulia Balicchia and I’m from Ancona, Italy. I grew up between Falconara Marittima and Ancona, and since I was born, I have spent all my summers in Marzocca di Senigallia at the family beach house.

I went to college at the Universita’degli Studi di Urbino and graduated with a degree in International Political Science.

After graduating from college, I moved to London, UK. I lived there for 8 years, and from the moment I moved abroad, I realized how unique Italy is. It always surprised me to hear from everyone I met how beautiful they thought Italy was, how much they loved Italian food and the Italian language. If I had never moved abroad I would never have realized how wonderful my country of origin is.

In 2008 I moved to the US to Atlanta, Georgia, where I now live with my husband and two children. Our life in Atlanta has been influenced very much by our love of Italy. I now find myself sharing all I know about my beautiful little country with many people, who for some reason just want to know more and more about the Italian language, food and culture.

My other passion is the sport of fencing. I started at a very young age back in Italy and I stopped competing after graduating from High School. Here in Atlanta I had the opportunity to reconnect with this wonderful sport. I’m now a coach at the ACN Lotus Fencing Academy, where together with the coaching, I also find time to practice whenever possible.

About Ancona, my hometown.

8294_703811696295843_969961412_nAncona is the capital of the Marche region, in east-central Italy, by the Adriatic Sea. The city lies on the promontory of Monte Conero directly facing the sea and is known for it’s beautiful beaches and delicious food. Ancona is one of the main ports on the Adriatic Sea, especially for passenger traffic and is the main economic and demographic center of the region.

 About Urbino

urbino-448343Urbino is a walled city in the Marche region, a world heritage site notable for a remarkable historical legacy, Urbino is famous for its Renaissance culture, especially under the patronage of Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino from 1444 to 1482. Nestled on a high sloping hillside, the town retains much of its picturesque medieval aspect, only slightly marred by the large parking lot below the town. It hosts the University of Urbino, founded in 1506 and is the seat of the Archbishop of Urbino. Its best known architectural feature is the Palazzo Ducale, rebuilt by Luciano Laurana.






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    • Il Jamboree di Senigallia è veramente diventato un evento da non perdere! Sono molto felice che ti sia piaciuto! La conosco bene Senigallia. È la città dove è cresciuto mio padre, bella d’estate e d’inverno!


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