If you are looking for a nice Italian summer beach holiday, without missing out one of the best cities in Italy, go to Jesolo, a nice little beach town near Venice, in the Veneto region. Jesolo is one of the favorite places that Italians like to spend their summer holidays. It’s also very popular with foreign tourists, especially Germans and Austrians. According to Tripadvisor data, Jesolo ranked #4 among the top 10 Italian summer destinations. It has one of the longest beaches in Italy, stretching over 13 km and a wide range of hotels, shops and attractions near the beach. The city of Venice is only 45 minutes away, so you will be able to have some fun time at the beach and visit all the museums, monuments and everything that the magical city of Venice offers.

My friend Elena works for a nice hotel in Jesolo. We were roommates in London and a few years after I moved to Atlanta she went back to her hometown, Jesolo.

Hotel Helvetia is an Eco friendly 3 star hotel located in an historic building. Within walking distant to the main street where there are shops, bars and restaurants. The hotel also has an “hambugheria”, a burger restaurant famous for its all organic ingredients. Eco hotel and organic restaurant!

Definitely a place to check out!

Please click here for more information or to reserve a room.

Enjoy your stay!




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