This time I’m taking you in the Northern part of Italy, lake Como, located  in the region Lombardy, about 50 miles from Milan. Lake Como has been favoured by the aristocrats and the wealthy since Roman times and it’s still a top choice as a retreat destination for many tourists and famous personalities.

Under the suggestion of my friend Serena, from Como, I recommend to anyone visiting the area to go the the restaurant Crotto dei Platani.

This restaurant combines an exquisite menu with a wonderful view and atmosphere. They offer an aperitif on the boat, advance reservation is required for this service, and a boat docking if you would like to reach the restaurant with your own boat.

The restaurant was opened in the early thirties and in 1977 it was bought by Fernando and Renata Cavadini. Under the new ownership the restaurant has been restored and renovated and the family continue to successfully run the business under the guide of their son Francesco.

Please click here to have more informations about the restaurant. The website is in English and Italian.



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