Hotel Elisabetta is the perfect solution if you are looking to visit Naples and the Amalfi coast. It’s located in Pozzano, a small town between the city of Naples and the Amalfi coast, very close to the archaeological areas of Pompei, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata.
The hotel has a breathtaking view of the Vesuvio and the Gulf of Naples. It also has a very good restaurant, Ristorante Giovanni di Pozzano, an authentic Neapolitan restaurant that will make your staying a five star experience.
The hotel is owned and managed by Giovanna. She is one of my cousins from my maternal grandmother’s side, Nonna Rosetta.
Over a century ago, when the “Trattoria Giovanni di Pozzano” started, it was a bunch of tables under a grape arbor that was serving simple food and great wine. In 1954 the Spagnuolo’s family decided to open a so-called “holiday house” right next to the restaurant. The “holiday house” soon became Elisabetta Hotel when Giovanna’s grandparents acquired the hotel .
The hotel is still going very well thanks to the hard work and passion of Giovanna.

Please chick here to visit the website.

Enjoy your stay!


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