APULIA: Junior B&B, Isole Tremiti and B&B The Queens, Foggia

map_pugliaIf you decide to visit the Puglia region here are a couple of Bed&Breakfasts owned by a good friend of mine and her husband. Francesca, originally from Roma and, Lucio born and raised in Foggia, along with the hotel business, they run a successful fencing club in Foggia, Foggia Fencing. This is the reason we met a long time ago, when we were young fencers having fun traveling around Italy for fencing tournaments.

Isole Tremiti

Isole Tremiti

Junior B&B is located in the Isole Tremiti, an archipelago on the Adriatic sea just a little north of the Gargano peninsula. The islands that form the archipelago are San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia, Cretaccio and Pianosa. They are part of the Gargano National Park. The islands are surrounded by wonderful, clear waters, and they are a very popular tourist destination in the summer. The archipelago is connected with the mainland by ferry services from the cities of Termoli, Vieste, Rodi, Garganico and Capoiale. Alidaunia offers flights from San Domino Heliport to Foggia and Vieste.

Junior B&B is in San Domino, the larger island of the archipelago. It’s located about five minutes walk from the port, Cala delle Arene beach and downtown. Also, in 10 minutes you can walk to other spectacular beaches located on the south and the north sides of the island. You have anything you need at just walking distance.

See the following link for more informations about Junior B&B.

Junior B&B, Isole Tremiti

Puglia region and its provinces

Puglia region and its provinces

In case you are traveling to the region from other cities, you will probably pass by the city of Foggia, connected by train to Rome in 3.5 hours and to Milano in 7 hours.

Foggia has beautiful scenery and intricate architecture to offer to its visitors. Among the most popular sites to visit we can list:

  • Chiesa di San Tommaso
  • Complesso del Calvario
  • Cattedrale di Santa Maria di Fovea
  • Palazzo Dogana

From Foggia you can visit the nearby town of  San Giovanni Rotondo, famous all over the world as the native city of St. Pio (meaning Pius, and known in Italian as Padre Pio) of Petralcina, and as the city where the venerated monk worked his miracles.

In the province of Foggia you can also find the Parco Nazionale del Gargano and the Isole Tremiti.

bb-the-queens-foggiaIn Foggia you can stay at the B&B The Queens owned and run by my friends Francesca and Lucio. The B&B is strategically located near the train station and downtown. The rooms are spacious and newly renovated. You will have a wonderful experience because of the great location and wonderful hosts.

Here is a link where you can find more information.

B&B the Queens, Foggia

Enjoy your stay!





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