Having lived in the UK and the US for several years, I learned to consider breakfast, la colazione, from a different point of view. If you are planning a trip to Italy, it will be very hard to find a restaurant that serves breakfast. Forget about eggs, bacon, and all that comes with them. If you are staying in a Hotel, you can consider yourself lucky because you will find the so called “colazione continentale,” continental breakfast. In many countries, breakfast is like a normal meal, of course, with its specific kinds of  breakfast food, but at the end….it’s not that different from a regular meal. Instead, the typical Italian breakfast, colazione, is exclusively sweet food, we don’t like to eat anything salty. Cornetto e cappuccino.Our breakfast is like a treat time that doesn’t make you feel guilty. We eat cereals, cookies, simple cakes, muffins, pastries, fresh fruit, yogurt, bread or fette biscottate (a cookie-like rusk hard bread) with marmelade or nutella. One of my favorites when I was a kid  was bread with butter and sugar 😱 (and I still love it 😋). On the drinks side, it isn’t that different than what you are used to. We usually have cappuccino, latte e caffè, tea, caffè espresso or a succo di frutta (fruit juice). So, be ready, if you are renting a house and you what to buy some groceries, forget about the breakfast sausages and things like that. Of course you will find eggs but probably you will have to switch from bacon to prosciutto, unless you feel adventurous and get that sugar brust to start the day!! Honestly…. it isn’t that bad as you might think 😉



  1. Delightful post. I did spend over a month in Sicily with family and didn’t mind the change in life style or menu’s. However my mom was Italian and the only time she made bacon and eggs wan on Sunday, during the week it was cereal or toast with cinnamon sugar. I am also a tea drinker so that was not a problem and I loved the fact that they had fresh bread delivered every morning. I love bread. :o)


  2. I am so trained to eat in the morning that I would have had muesli and fruit, then morning tea and be onto lunch before my Italian friend wanted anything more than a coffee! Having said that, he would then get stuck into a three course meal in the afternoon and catch me up. 🙂

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