buon appetitoA traditional Italian menu is not a typical, everyday meal. We don’t eat the traditional three courses every day but only on special occasions such special gatherings and celebrations like weddings and more.e adventuresome and try all the delicious cold cut meats and cheese platters, affettati e formaggi misti, or maybe some fresh prosciutto e melone or the popular bruschetta (plese try to pronounce it the Italian way: bru-sket-ta. The “ch” in Italian is alays pronounced “k.”) crostini and many more

First things first. So the Antipasto or Starter is the dish we start with when we seat down. Salad is not an Antipasto, so b
The Main Course is divided into three separate servings, so three different plates. The first one, Primo Piatto, is mainly carbs like pasta or rice; the second, Main Course (Secondo Piatto) is proteins, meat or fish; on the side we serve the Contorno (Side Dish), and here is when you can finally order your salad because for us a salad is a side dish not a starter

After the meal we have some Frutta, Caffe’ Espresso and Digestivo, also known as “ammazzacaffe’ ” (kill the coffee). The Dessert or Dolce usually comes with the Espresso.

Typically for Lunch (Pranzo) on a regular day we eat the Primo Piatto and the Contorno, maybe also an Antipasto. Yes, correct, we eat pasta every day! If it’s not pasta it will be a risotto. At dinner time (Cena) we usually have the Secondo Piatto and Contorno always with an Antipasto if available. The coffee is a must after lunch, I mean Espresso not Cappuccino!!! We have Cappuccino for breakfast and only breakfast!

If you eat out and you want to grab something fast on the go, you will find many bars that offer a selection of sandwiches, panini, (remember that if you order one you have to call it panino, singular panino – plural panini) or salads, also called insalatone (big salads). Last but not least, you can always get some pizza al taglio in one of the many small pizza shops that sell pizza by the square or slice.

Are you ready to eat? Let’s start cooking!!!!!



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